How can I make windows 10 boot loader boot from debian wheezy after installing debian on windows pc?


I have an SSD drive with three partitions. The first is windows system rescue image, second is windows 10 and third is Linux partition.


I want to install Debian on a windows pc.


I don't want to install Debian boot loader LILO or Grub in the MBR (Master Boot Record).

I want to know does windows 10 come with any bootloader so that I can boot from Linux using that boot loader? I have made a system rescue drive in case something goes wrong. Also, I know that if in UEFI or EFI bios Fast boot or secured boot option is ticked on then I cannot boot from Debian. 


Can anybody tell me what should I do in this case? If I turn off the secure boot on bios then I will have malware on windows 10. Is that true?


How can I solve all these problems altogether? 



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If you turn off secure boot you will Not have malware on your system, Not necessarily. if you use an updated Window 10 version and the Windows Defender (aka Microsoft Defender), you will be fine, it has very advanced features and protections that will not let malware come in.


I found a guide for how to dual boot Debian and Windows 10, see if it helps your situation :)

@HotCakeX  Thank you very much for your reply. And yes that answers my question. Again thank you.