How Can I Fix QuickBooks Error 179 When Signing into a Banking Site? Suggestion would be appreciated

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As a QuickBooks user, I want to be able to download my latest bank transactions, but I'm getting error 179 in my QuickBooks.  This is frustrating because I want QuickBooks to successfully connect to my bank and download my transactions to reconcile my accounts and stay on top of my finances.


  • I open QuickBooks and navigate to the Banking section.
  • I click on the "Download Transactions" button for my bank account.
  • An error message pops up stating: "QuickBooks Error 179: Unable to connect to bank. Your bank may have rejected the login attempt."
  • I'm confused because I'm sure I logged out of my bank's website earlier.


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QuickBooks error 179 pops up when you try to connect to your bank account, but the bank thinks you're already logged in somewhere else.


Here's how to fix it:

Wait 15 Minutes: Banks can take up to 15 minutes to recognize a logout. Close QuickBooks and wait before trying again.

Close All Bank Sessions: Ensure you're completely signed out of your bank's website or app on all devices. Simply minimizing the app might not log you out properly.

Clear Browser Cache & Cookies: Outdated browser data can cause connection issues. Clear your cache and cookies, or try a different browser.

Check for Joint Account Users: If your bank account is shared, make sure no one else is logged in on another device.

Reconnect Your Bank Account: Disconnect and reconnect your bank account within QuickBooks. This refreshes the connection.

Change Your Bank Password (Last Resort): If all else fails, update your bank password. This will automatically log you out of all active sessions. Remember to update your password in QuickBooks after changing it at the bank.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve QuickBooks error 179 and connect your bank account successfully. If you're still having trouble, consult QuickBooks support for further assistance.

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