HLK test case fail //DF - PNP Rebalance Fail Restart Device Test (Development and Integration)

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HLK Test case : "DF - PNP Rebalance Fail Restart Device Test (Development and Integration)"
is getting failed with the error WDTF_PNP : ERROR : PNP.RestartDevice() Win32=1 - Incorrect function.

We are performing this test on Windows server 2016 VM without any other test software. (We are not installing our driver or software). The test case is falling all the times on clean VMs.

I could see the similar test failing with same error in Regression test case. (DF - PNP Rebalance Fail Restart Device Test (Regression)). After applying the latest filter, Regression test is getting passed but Development and Integration test is still failing.

Does anyone see this issue and How can I proceed further.

(For reference, I am attaching the TestTextlog.pdf file)


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you've posted in Microsoft Learn community which is not for individual product support.
let me know which product your topic is about so a moderator can move it to the correct community,
I am new to Microsoft communities,
I am unable to see the option for delete this post now.

We are performing kernel device driver certification, As part of this, we are using the HLK software. In HLK software, we are seeing one test case getting failed, So we thought to post in HLK community, but unfortunately I have posted here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
(Let me know how to delete the post or can you please delete this post)
Thanks, so it's related to Windows, you don't have to delete it, I'm just gonna use the report button on the topic to suggest to move this to Windows community :)