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High Disk and CPU Usage - Work from Home / Normal Operations when at the office

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Greetings, this is the strangest challenge.  A Dell all in one workstation typically located internally at the office.  Works fine, CPU and Disk usage.  Got the notification to work from home.  takes nearly 3 hours to get login screen to appear.  Once logged in (still logging in under domain name/username) has always worked this way.  Once logged in,, performance is nearly non existent.  CPU 100%, disk 100%.  You can't even search or attempt to get into settings.  Brought the machine back to the office, connected to the RJ45, machine boots up normal, performance is back to normal.  In task manager, I notice the services DNS client was using 100% CPU and power was very high. 

Anyway to diagnose this from work from home office?   

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the DNS client service is used to cache the DNS resolving information to send less queries to the outside network.
it might have degraded for some reason,
please try running this command on an elevated CMD/Powershell "ipconfig /flushdns"
and then check again.

you can also disable DNS client service (it can decrease network performance), see if everything returns to normal, and if everything is good then you can keep it disabled for now, otherwise turn it back on and see if the issue is gone.

make sure your OS is always up to date too.



Thank you for the reply. I did do a ipconfig /flushdns from the administrator command prompt.  That didn't seem to help.  What does not make sense is you can bring that machine back to the office, plug into the RJ45 and have no issue.  Power it down, take it home, login or attempt to log in and have this issue.

I will try disabling the DNS client and see what it does.


Thank you again.

You're welcome,
somehow your device has easier time routing DNS queries on your work network,
could be a configuration somewhere that's causing it or your home network's ISP.

are you using the same DNS servers on your Windows (in network adapters settings) for both work and home networks/locations?
do you connect to your device at home using the same RJ45 port or something else like WiFi ?
it is possible that the primary DNS server is set to a private/local one that is inaccessible from your home network?