High CPU because of storage service StorSvc in Win 10 multi-session in Azure virtual desktop

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I have Azure Virtual Desktop multi-session Windows 10 VMs (release 2009 with latest updates). pooled host pool. 

I noticed that StorSvc (storage service) runs system process svchosts.exe reach up to 99% of CPU (starting from 50% and increasing). I already ran The Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool recommended by Microsoft that disable Storage Sense using this registry setting of default user profile:
"HivePath": "HKLM:\\VDOT_TEMP\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\StorageSense\\Parameters\\StoragePolicy",
"KeyName": "01",
"PropertyType": "DWORD",
"PropertyValue": 0,
"SetProperty": "True"


This issue become a real problem when multiple users using the same host (4 or more).


I also noticed that after around 4 hours this process stop by itself. 


Any advise how can I prevent this ?



Bachar Bader


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I've found that this issue is related to FSLogix in Windows 10 multi-session VM that is a host in AVD. so I will write this again in that channel. here: