Hi Both my win 10 PCs are having same issues

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Both are making a blipping, clicking, snapping, annoying sound from desk speakers. 1 PC is a Dell the other is HP. Started months ago then went away now back on BOTH. I tried to reload drivers from Realtek, dell and windows, no help.

 Please: if you don't know then don't answer.

 I was on another windows support site and the person caused so many problems I'm still fixing and, the noise is still here. He told me to a reset now I lost all programs and my phone book.

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I also added wrap around choke coils to all wires.
A couple of things to test for you.
1. If a laptop: Disconnect all cables but audio. If the noise is still there, try connecting a wired headset. If noise disappears it's the Speakers that picks up the noise by them self.
(Faulty speakers or the system pick up some electrical noise/interference from the appartment/house somewhere.)
Electrical interference/noise from low quality electronics is not that unheard of... You could start pulling out appliances in the house. When noise disappears...

2. If it's a desktop PC. Replace speaker output with a headset. If the noise disappears.. replace speakers with something better. Or feed audio to sound system by digital means(SPDIF/Coax), if your'e on the high-end side with surround audio. It might help if your audio supports this.

Copper wires are basically "antennas" so if there is something that creates electrical noise/interference that enters the audio system, and if its in the audible frequency spectrum for human ears... there will be sound. ;)
HI I found the issue a few days ago and fixed.