Help me for Lenovo IdeaPad S540 Windows Update

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Good morning to the whole community.
I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad S540 in 2019.
Unfortunately I have a big problem: I can't update Windows PRO to the latest versions.
I tried with windows update but the installed windows PRO version still dates back to 2019 because if I try to update when I restart the PC, a black screen is displayed!
Doing an update with the original windows ISO I get the same result.
The error message that is displayed is:
0xC190001 - 0x30017
I also tried to remove the antivirus and disable the secure boot option from the bios.
Please help me to solve!
Thank you all

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I understand.
If everything works well - then write what steps you took and mark as the best answer .
This will be a solution for others , so that they don't waste their time .
Good luck .

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I simply installed the latest version of Windows 11 Insider, removing all partitions on the drive.