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Good morning to the whole community.
I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad S540 in 2019.
Unfortunately I have a big problem: I can't update Windows PRO to the latest versions.
I tried with windows update but the installed windows PRO version still dates back to 2019 because if I try to update when I restart the PC, a black screen is displayed!
Doing an update with the original windows ISO I get the same result.
The error message that is displayed is:
0xC190001 - 0x30017
I also tried to remove the antivirus and disable the secure boot option from the bios.
Please help me to solve!
Thank you all

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My error is 0xC190001 - 0x30017.
Is the solution the same?
Have you tried using the update assistant - update to the latest version, please search in your language.
update assistant doesn't work :(
It behaves exactly like a DVD installation.
There must be some problem with some driver but I don't know how to fix :(
I want to avoid formatting the computer :(
You can through Lenvo support - there you can download driver update for this computer
Of course, the update troubleshooting tool did you apply?
I usually keep all my pc's drivers up to date. In fact, I don't have any drivers to update.
Report for Windows update troubleshooting tool: Could not identify the problem :(
the next step is to perform a clean boot, of course make copies of your personal files

is this application installed on your computer?
Probably it is she who causes the conflict, - I propose to uninstall .
Sorry earlier link was useless - I removed it
I also tried clean boot but it's all in vain :(
I also removed Lenovo Vantage but to no avail. I'm starting to lose all hope :(
1. First Create System Restore Point
Control Panel>Recovery>Create
2. Uninstall the conflicting drivers if any...
Hold the Windows Key and Press R and type hdwwiz.cpl in the run dialog
3. Now restart your system and enter your bios usually F2
Disable Your Wireless Adapter/Bluetooth From the BIOS
Now go to the Advanced tab, using the left/right arrow keys. Then go to the Wireless area.
Disable your wireless from here and the Bluetooth if available. You’ll need to re-enable them
the same way as your disabling them.
4. Start the PC and it should take you where you initially were without internet access.
(note): we’ve only disabled wireless, not the ethernet. If needed, you can use an Ethernet cable
to the router.
5. Now right click on downloaded ISO file and Click to Mount.
6. Double click the setup.exe file to run the setup. It will now be a successful install without the
error. Once it’s all done; re-enable your wireless and Bluetooth and check to see if Windows
has automatically picked up the drivers, if not then you can download them from the
manufacturer’s site by either putting the drivers to a USB using another computer or by
connecting the computer in question to the internet and downloading directly from the
manufactures site.
Thanks to all of you for the suggestions but unfortunately also the test to disable the WIFI was not successful :(
The problem is always the same: black screen on startup.
After canceling the changes, the pc displays the following error message:
0xC1900101 - 0x30017
The installation failed in the FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during the BOOT operation


Please check the official Microsoft support - you can include a link to this discussion.


@A1-A1 Too late (I couldn't wait any longer ...) :(
Unfortunately I had to format to my extreme disappointment.
However, I believe that the problem could be due to an incorrect configuration of the factory boot partitions (partitions created by Lenovo during the first installation of windows 10).
Thanks everyone for the help.

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I simply installed the latest version of Windows 11 Insider, removing all partitions on the drive.

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