GPO Startup script working on 1803 but not on 1909?

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we are preparing a new master with W10 1909 and now have the problem that our Startup Script (*.cmd) which is working with our 1803 master are not executed on 1909 - the error in GPO Result is "The system can not find the stated file" (german translation)

we call the startup command file from Networkshare: \\Fileserver\Skripts$\W10XDSTARTUP.cmd



there are the same Policy but I cannot find the problem - any ideas?


are ther more restriced settings/policy in 1909 which I have to take care?



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I have removed [{42B5FAAE-6536-11D2-AE5A-0000F87571E3}{40B6664F-4972-11D1-A7CA-0000F87571E3}] in gpt.ini under C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy


now script is running fine - have to look why this and about side effects ;)