glitch screen while installing windows 10

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Hi guys.
Im trying to install windows 10 20h2 build 19042
but after booting Windows From flash memory a glitch screen appeared.
i tried to install Windows 10 BSE 2004 two weeks ago But the same problem happened to me again.
There is no problem with installing previous versions.

Why do I have such a problem?
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I saw the picture and it looks like there is something wrong with your laptop's display, like a hardware problem.
please try to download the latest Windows 10, version 20H2, and use the media creation tool to make a bootable flash drive with it.
try the installation again and report back the results

Thanks, but I do not think the problem will be solved. I will follow your suggestions and inform you of the result
Sounds good :)
Hello this is same with mine it's not any hardware problem i was just booting my laptop whil installing windows 10 and this screen appears and i want to get back to my desktop please help me