Get the latest Upgrade Readiness deployment script

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If you're thinking about using Upgrade Readiness to help you plan and manage your Windows 10 upgrade process, makes sure to grab the latest version of the Upgrade Readiness deployment script from the Download Center. The script automates many of the steps outlined in the getting started guide and can help you troubleshoot data sharing issues.


If you're not familiar with Upgrade Readiness, which is part of Windows Analytics, it's a free service that  collects system, application, and driver data in order to identify compatibility issues that can block an upgrade--and suggest fixes.

Check out this demo to learn more--or bookmark it to watch later.

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we are currently setting up the Upgrade Readiness portal, We are having a slight issue.


We have Windows Telemerty set to level 3 and in our portal we can see machines but no drivers or installed software.

I tired to raise a premier call but cannot find a topic to put it under...any ideas?