Get Microaoft Certificate and Digital Badge by Doing Windows 10 Course

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Get Microaoft Certificate and Digital Badge by Doing Windows 10 Course on Micrsoft Education  Community Website follow to link to learn course

Windows 10 Training


 Course objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Navigate, organize and customize the desktop in Windows 10
  • Work with basic features of Windows 10 like Universal apps, pinning and unpinning apps to the taskbar and the Start menu for personalization
  • Use different features of Microsoft Edge, like making a Web Note and using the Hub
  • Use Cortana as a personal organizational tool
  • Access and customize built-in Universal apps
  • Create, save and share files using OneDrive and OneNote
  • Use Multi doing and Multiple desktops features of Windows 10 effectively

Certification Exam

To earn credit for this course, you must pass this assessment with at least 80%. You can retake this as many times as you need.

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is there more of these type of programs available or was it just a one-time thing?


Yes there are a lot you can visit

Learn and explore with training and resources, and earn badges and certificates 



Thank you very much, will definitely check it out!

@HotCakeXone thing I want to inform you that Microsoft Education Community MEC Website has been updates recently on 16 Dec 2019 so there are lot of options not available, so full site with all menus and features will be updated till January 2020.