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Get Error 3F0 following Win 10 updates - remove update, problem disappears

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Anyone else seeing this?

For the past 2  years, I have had the problem. It does not happen with all updates, but happened twice this year and once in 2019. I have a HP Spectre X360 notebook running Windows 10 and it is up to date with the latest drivers. 

Here is what happens:

- The notebook reboots following Win 10 updates.

- Upon rebooting, I get Error 3F0 - no boot device present.

- I can eventually reboot after the 2nd or 3rd attempt.

- I then uninstall the update and the notebook boots with no problem. The problem has disappeared.  


It happened this week after installing KB4576751, KB4576750 and KB578974. I un-installed all 3 and the problem went away. 

It also happened back in May after installing KB4556799 and KB4552931.

And also in March 2019. Back then, I reinstalled Windows as I was getting the "No Boot device found" and I assumed it had crashed, but I now realize that it could have been the same Windows update problem.

Anyone else seeing this on HP or other platforms?


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I fixed it by reinstalling from the recovery partition.

That was 48 hours ago and now, all the problems have disappeared (random 3F0 and BSOD)




Open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

When you share feedback, it will send log files related to error and Windows team could investigate and identify the root of the problem.