Folder Redirection and Sync Center problems.

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Dear Forums,


Firs of all i hope i am putting this in the correct thread.


I am currently trying to understand why we keep getting this problem and is happens very randomly.


Our environment has the following configuration(to my knowledge and digging)


We currently have folder redirection in place using a windows server  2008 R2 standard( upgrade to 2019 is in the pipeline). Bear in mind that folder redirection is currently configured to redirect only the My Documents folder and users have a predefined desktop using folder redirection. this is all happening via e specific group policy but no other settings have been altered or configure(plain defaults).


All of our users are using dedicated laptops and have Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions. Versions ranging from 1803 up to 2004. Versions and editions don't change the fact that it not happening to either one of them. See the provided illustration for more information. upon saving, upon trying to save users will get a lot temp files created in that same folder.


We are using Microsoft's Sync Center to have users the ability to have offline files when they don't have internet connection or they are at a remote location without any internet connectivity.


But the problem is troublesome if users are working on a document for several hours, they save it perfectly(don't understand nor i don't know if this is true or not) but after a synchronization or a saving procedure the file that was priory saved on his pc before modifying is completely gone and was only left with multiple temp files as shown in the illustration.

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@cbraafhartdid you get to the bottom of this? I am having a similar issue with Sync Center at the moment with one user in particular however, my user is unable to access the majority of their documents (error box pops up saying access is denied). Just a bit of food for thought for you, are your users using a VPN whilst trying to sync their documents/folders?


I have read that some suggestions try disabling offline files and then re-enabling it after a computer restart.

@Madadog  Actually I did not. its a combination between locally accessing the files and remotely via VPN. I am and have been testing different scenarios within a lab environment but the results are not promising due to not able to generate the same type of errors or problems. there for I have been testing this in our production environment also checking and trying to see if I can come up with a solution. due to our decisions goes through a very political perspective, possible solutions are far from being my realization. I have requested to increase our internet bandwidth to something better, because we currently have a 30Down and 10Up Mbps internet speed, and that's being divided for backup going to our DR site. I asked at least double or triple that amount,( i know its not much but we are a company of only 75 employees). so if and when I realize what could be causing this or a setting or a group policy adjustment I will post my findings 

It certainly seems to be a bandwidth issue. I you might want to edit the group policy to redirect folder to the users machine if the network connection breaks... that may not be the exact parlance, but there is a setting in there to that tune.