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virtual desktops are very helpful for me. I work on multiple projects and separate desktops for each is a huge benefit. I know things are still evolving and some apps don't play nice with multiple desktops. I use Bluebeam and usually have about 10-15 desktops open. I can't open multiple sessions of Bluebeam (it crashes), so when I switch from one desktop to another I have to go and find Bluebeam and drag it over to the desktop I want. I don't use Bluebeam for every project, so when I need it, I have to search through each desktop to find it. 


Is there any way I can have the open Bluebeam app brought into my current desktop without going out and hunting for it?


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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@pdan123 This is quite old but still unanswered.


Either do [Win]+[Tab] or click the [Task View] button in the task bar to open the task view which shows a list of open windows on the current desktop. Then right click your desired window (Bluebeam in your case) and check the "Show open windows from this app on all desktops" feature so you'll have it on whichever virtual desktop you're using. I do this for a couple "sticky" apps like Mail, To-Do tasks, etc.

But is there a way to always see all the open windows on all the virtual desktops, regardless of the desktop that you are currently on?