Files are auto copied when I'm selecting multiple files inside folder

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The title^


I need to select a couple filles maybe 50 in a folder with 1000 files so I hold ctrl key and select my files, suddenly all of the selected files start copying themselves and I have to deal with lots of duplicate files.

is there any solution to this?

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I think the problem is caused because Windows thinks you actually want to copy the files by drag and dropping them on to the same location.

it can be avoided by not moving your mouse while holding down the CTRL key and selecting the files.
current the threshold is 4 pixels, (the amount of pixels your mouse cursor can travel before Windows thinks you want to copy your files by drag and drop) but you can increase it to something like 20 or 30 pixels (Width and Height)

please go to the Regedit (you can press Win button + R and type in Regedit),
then navigate to here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

On the right-hand side you should see two values, DragHeight and DragWidth. Just double-click on them and change the value to something higher. You might have to experiment to get it right for you, but I’d start with somewhere between 20 and 30.

hope this helps :)
thank you it did the job. does that work in all windows versions?


@Miagames wrote:
thank you it did the job. does that work in all windows versions?

You're welcome!

I'm not sure i think it should work on Windows 7 too beside 10

ok good. thanx. will this change be synced with my windows settings or do i have to do this every time?



Registry syncs? no they can't be synced with the rest of the Windows settings.


You can use this registry key to enable and disable the change you made, without going through the registry.

inside the zip file, there are 2 registry files and you can modify them if you open them with Notepad.

@HotCakeX  it may be the case that windows requires that your hand be steady. Getting older and having tremors has problems I hate the fact that Windows is so sensitive.

Understandable, that solution I added should help with that.