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File Explorer: No "Date Modified" in some rows

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I have come across a folder (in File Explorer) which contains some rows where the "Date Modified" doesn't display. I can see the Modified date in the file properties (e.g. 01 December 1976, 08:02:10).

Is there anything I can do to recover the Date modified column for the affected files?

The "drive" containing this folder is a network share, mounted as a drive. The actual device is a Drobo disk array.

The files in this particular folder are dated documents, so I will have modified the "Date modified" to match the date in the document.

The file names start with the date of the document, so sorting the files by name also sorts them by "Date modified".  The files missing are all dated 1976_12 or older.


This isn't a life-threatening issue, but  I find it rather curious. And suggestions on what is going on would be appreciated!

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@Steve Swift

Thanks for identifying me as a "New" contributer... I've been involved in IT since 1967 (a bit before those pesky files :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:)