File Explorer does not show file Tags anymore

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i'm using file Tags to add additional info on the file which i can use to organise and find stuff

since quite some time i'm unable to view these tags anylonger in file explorer

they are still there cause with exel for example i see them in the properties of the sheet inside exel self...

and obviously i can't change them anylonger in file explorer self


is there a hidden option for that or have i run out of luck?




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Try this:


Go to the explorer window you want to see Tags in.  Right click on the one of the bars at the top of the file system (ei: Name, Type, Size...whichever, it doesn't matter which one you click.) Either "Tags" will show up in the provided list, or it won't, in which case click "more" and choose "Tags" from the massive list of details you can choose from.


Hope this helps.

thx for the reply but since i had the habit of using tags, you could have assumed that the tag column was already present in the explorer view...

and no turning it on and off does not help

and the details view does not show the tag either

this must be an explorer bug

the only place i can see the actual tag is in excel



@Marc Antheunis 

I have this problem too.



Same problem.

In my case I noticed that the TAGs that not appears in the column Tags are the ones that belongs to the

"Extended Properties" like PDF.   

Using the app "File Metadata" I could make appears the file TAGs for files like PDFs, I can tag the files, I can search the files by tags but they don't appear in the column TAGs in file explorer.

Oddly enough, after a search by the tag, which works smoothly, the tag appear in the column - but every time only after a search.