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File Attachements Corrupted or Missing

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Greetings Everyone!

We are having an issue where attaching files to email is broken in a way we can't quite get a handle on. It originally started in Outlook 2019 clients. When a user would try to attach a file the error would state:




Our work around, which lasted about three days, was to use the O365 webmail to send emails. Then the same thing started happening there with the same error message.


Some other users are having issues when they open attached files:




Sometimes the attachment will come through with a file size of 0kb, sometimes its just corrupted.


In an effort to isolate the issue, we have tried a number of things.

  1. Outlook in safe mode
  2. Disable all add-ons
  3. Attach file in gmail or other webmail
  4. System file check (sfc /scannow)
  5. Repair on outlook and office files
  6. Removing and re-building the Outlook Profile


It doesn't effect all users and the users it does effect, it doesn't effect all files. None of the above steps changed the issue. We are all quite confused, especially considering it effects all webmail clients, not just Office or O365.


Any one have any input? We are struggling here!


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Let's consider one of the corrupted files, are you able to copy it in OneDrive?

How about let say move it to external storage and copy in user PC which is working and then try to attach it?

Have you tried updating Windows and Outlook? 

Are you able to copy the file to another location and then try to attach them? Let say move them to desktop and try to attach them.