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Feature updates and size requirements

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What is the roadmap on decreasing the size of these updates? 

SCCM today downloads both 32 and 64 bit and we only need 64 bit but have to distribute both!  Takes a ton of time and consumes disk space on DP's etc...

Clients that download over the internet or metered connections is also a challenge!  Consider places in Latin America and China that don't have quality internet links, this causes challenges with being able to keep these machines in a supported state. 

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We have a 64bit only environment too, so we filter in ConfigManager ADR for x64 in title to just select the required.

Yea - we are not using the ADR though.  Still transitioning from the task sequence to the servicing model and we were never able to select just the 64 bit version. 

Hi Jason,


Thank you very much for your question- I definitely understand your concern about update content size on your DPs. For now the mitigation we have in place for that issue is supplementing DP content distribution with things like peer cache though that also has its challenges.


It seems like incorporating something like this would also help with the unnecessary content issue you are seeing due to the uniform system architecture in your environment- if so please do vote on (and tweet) that item :)


I hope that helps.




Feature updates in servicing can't be scoped per x86/x64, for now. Only regular updates.

Sigurd, can you briefly explain how you filter feature updates to x64 only with ADR? The title of the feature updates do not have x64 or x86 in them and I cant find any property filter that could be used to filter out the x86 portion of the update. Appreciated!