FEATURE REQUEST: Add two properties to the win32_operatingsystem class in WMI to identify Insider B

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Had an idea I wanted to share: Add an property or two to the win32_operatingsystem class in WMI. Such as “IsInsiderBuild” with a value of 0 for “no” or a 1 for “yes”. A second property of “Ring” could be 0 for “production”, 1 for "fast" , 2 for “slow”, and 3 for “release preview”. These two entries would allow for easier identification of OS build, and improve efficiency in ConfigMgr inventory, queries, and building of global conditions. Today, collections and application requirements around Insider builds are identified by build number and must be constantly updated. This can be difficult when there are a lot of applications and collections that use this. Having a global condition that does not require human intervention is the best route. Posted on the Feedback Hub: https://aka.ms/AA303ud so feel free to like it if you think it's valuable! :)
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