Family Safety app Limits don't work for Minecraft

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I'm trying to restrict the time that my child spends on Minecraft via Family Safety but I can't get this to work. When I check my child's screen time online, I can see both, a limit for the app (eg: 15m) and the actual time spent on that app (eg: 20m, as in the screenshot below). I use Win10 and I've checked the following -


1) Windows is up-to-date


2) My child's account is part of my family group


3) Both mine and my child's account are Outlook accounts and seem to be verified (via, and I see no verification error messages anywhere)


4) Sync is enabled for both my account and my child's (though both are used on a single, common device only)


5) Limits work for other apps (eg: Edge, Teams)


6) If I completely block Minecraft using Family Safety, it works. However, when I put in a time limit instead of an absolute block, it doesn't.


I've also changed my passcode on the off-chance that my child figured it out and extended his time without letting me know


What might I be missing?


Thanks in advance



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Any new insights in to this.
In my case blocking the Minecraft launcher is not having an effect.