External Monitor blurry text & fuzzy Windows 10

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Hi All,

I'm at my wits end. I have several Laptops/2 in 1's/Surface Pro 4's. All of these units have UHD capabilities & promise a "UHD" experience. The on board screens are absolutely crystal clear & all in all a very satisfying place to be. However, all fail to deliver an acceptable behaviour when connected to external monitors. The external monitors I'm using are all UHD. I have tried various connection protocols (HDMI, DPI,) various OEM docking stations & aftermarket docks to try to simulate the UHD clarity externally to no avial. Strangely, the graphic quality of video streaming & internet experience seems to be fine, however when one tries to move a text based application ( Word, Excel etc) off the main screen to an external screen, the text rendition is fuzzy, or should I say nowhere near as clear & crisp as the laptop monitor. No amount of display setting alternatives have any effect on this issue.

If any one has any suggestions, I would be very greatful. 


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it would be helpful to post what build of Windows 10 you're on