Explorer crashes after RDP session

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I have win11 pro on my desktop and connect to it sometimes from a laptop (also win11) over RDP. After disconnecting and then logging in locally explorer won't resize or I get the spinning blue disc of death. Browsers and apps are all running normally. Explorer is completely unresponsive though and I have to end the task and then re-launch it (from task manager). idk if its scaling or something to do with different resolutions between the 2 machines. Desktop is 4k (3840x2160 | 150% scale) and laptop is 2kish (2880x1800 | 175% scale). I connect from the laptop in full screen. And to top it off, explorer will crash in the RDP session as well, same thing - end it and re-launch.


It's an odd one, hoping someone has seen it before and found a resolution. Thanks!

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