Explore.MS Server Error when Language not set to US

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My apologies if this is not the correct place for this but I felt it was the most appropriate.

I have a user accessing the website https://www.explore.ms/navigation.aspx on their Windows 10 device they find that if their language/keyboard settings are not set to US then they get a Server Error in '/' Application error. 


Now the primary issue is that the user is using a US keyboard despite been in the UK and after 1-2 hours the language reverts back to UK from US despite there been no policies in place to enforce this type of behaviour and no issues have been found with the device.


Secondly I am aware that the www.explore.ms website only works in IE11 despite been a Microsoft website (doesn't work in Edge, Firefox or Chrome). I cam see no reason why it would have security measures in place to enforce a language restriction.

I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on either the primary or secondary issues?

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