Ever since security update KB5036892 (with the wi-fi takeover fix), my ethernet is broken.

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Immediately after installing this update, I noticed I could only visit a select few websites, namely Youtube, Google, Facebook.  Anything else would time out (my bank, speedtest.net, etc.).  But if I unplugged ethernet and connected to wifi only, suddenly I could access sites as usual.


I have tried tons of troubleshooting, from a DNS flush, network adapter reset, and IP release and renew, to swapping out ethernet cords.  I called my internet carrier and they walked me through a lot of these steps and more, but nothing worked.


I then tried uninstalling the update, which would restart the computer...at which point the update would immediately reinstall itself even disconnected from the internet.  So I finally paused Windows updates, and now when I try to uninstall the update, I just get an error.  Tried unpausing Windows updates, but now I just permanently can't uninstall the update no matter what.  Have tried restarting the computer multiple times...no dice.


At this point I have no clue what to do.  It seems almost certain that the update broke my ethernet connection somehow.  It's almost like there's some kind of firewall now only letting very limited traffic through.

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@imnotdavidI have the same problem, but uninstalling the update didn't fix my wifi problems

@annecai: I also get same error; and I have W10 64-BIT

On 2024-06-16:

This MICROSOFT Security Update (KB5036892) was forcably applied to my W10 laptop without any warning; and it definitely broke my Ethernet Connection. I use ETHERNET all over my house; and I want MS to fix their bug ASAP !!!


How do we get rid of this bad update without MS re-installing it ?





I get "Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration " in the internal ETHERNET port case and in the External USB-to-ETHERNET adaptor case.

It says "unidentified network" forever.