Error code 0x80070490: Adding Gmail to Mail App

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Hello Guys, 


For long time, I'm trying to add my Gmail account to Microsoft Mail app on Windows 10. Every time I tried to add Gmail account, a error code 0x80070490 always brought up. I've researched online on this error code matter but nothing drastically troubleshooting steps found and no response directly from Windows Team on error code. Here are the steps that I've already performed on my computer multiple time's which also includes after every major updates of Windows 10. Note: When signing into my Gmail account, I give full access to access my account and when the app tried to access the account, that's when I get error code appear.


- Terminate and Reset the app from Settings/Apps/ Mail and Calendar > Advanced Options & Restart

- Update the Mail and Calendar app from Microsoft Store > Downloads and Updates 

- Remove the app through PowerShell as Admin & Restart

(Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps | Remove-AppxPackage)  

Reinstall the app from Microsoft Store & Restart Restart

- Set the Net User as Administrator from CMD & Restart

(net user administrator /active:yes)

- Run SFC Scannow & Restart 

- Give all Windows apps a Full Control 

& Finally - Restart Credential Manager Service & Restart 

- Final OPTITION Wipe and Reinstall Windows 10 from scratch 


After following all of these troubleshooting steps, I'm still promoting a Error Code 0x80070490 when signing into Gmail account. If anyone found a trick or fix, please do let me know below.

Windows Team please do look into this case and fix the issue. 


My Computer Specs

Windows 10 Education 20H2 19042.985 x64

Intel core i5-2500 CPU


NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 

240GB SSD Storage

Mail and Calendar app version: 16005.13426.20920.0 


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@Soham1010 I have the exact same issue! I can't believe this hasn't been resolved yet.

@p4sh4 losing my freaking mind with this too, I've got a laptop where I used my mail normally. yesterday my new laptop arrived and when I tried to log in, that error again and again and again, tried everything, loged off from everywhere, still nothing. I can't log with my two google accounts which I need because college and nothing, but the worse is that I can log normally into outlook but i just don't want to, I want Mail app
Hi I suggest you contact the administrator of the school to which the Windows digital license is added.
It looks like you don't have administrator status on this computer - check it out.
Best regards.
Found the solution minutew after my commentary lmao, let me put the link of the video.
Is the second solution, the app update on the microsoft store. The app install the update on its own but at the end, it shows an error, click the "try again" button and fixed
Thank you
that's what's great – sharing your solution – it helps others.

@p4sh4 losing my cracking psyche with this as well, I have a PC where I utilized my mail regularly. recently my new PC showed up and when I attempted to sign in, that mistake over and over and once more, had a go at everything, loged off from all over, as yet nothing. I can't log with my two google accounts which I need since school and nothing, yet the more awful is that I can log ordinarily into standpoint however I simply don't have any desire to, I need Mail application

@halip91039 go to the microsoft store and look for the mail app and update it, at the end of the update it'll show and error but just click on the "try again" button, that was the solution for me. (second solution)

➤ Command used and more info: In this video I will show you how to Fix: Cannot 'Add Account' in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar App (Error Code 0x80070490). Join the channel for more support: ...

@time_scientist thank you very much, great help


I just did the first two steps - terminate & reset, download/update - and it worked fine after that.

Email address removed 

@time_scientist I have been struggling three days with setting up the e-mail and  this video worked. Thank you for sharing

I went to the Microsoft app store installed the mail and calendar app (update) and I am now able to sign in with my gmail account@Soham1010 

what worked for me is simply an update of the Mail application... adding gmail account after clean installation of windows 10 21H2 on 4th of January 2022. just didn't work.. application needs to be updated via Microsoft Store, after that it works without any problems


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Thank you for reaching out.I recommend contacting the school administrator who added the Windows digital license.Check to see if you have administrator privileges on this computer.
Please accept my best wishes.