Error 0x800f081f when installing KB5000842

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I cant get to install KB5000842 after retarting. running troubleshooters etc. What trick am I missing?

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I am also getting the same ERROR !!

@Plukje65  I get the same error! 

i tried all solution for the error code but nothing worked also the KB5000842 dosnt exist in microsoft catalog page either. donno what to do
It probably has something to do with the speed it's like dial-up when it's loading these updates. This Windows automation is getting dumber and dumber as time goes on, has something to do with the young people nowadays it seems that all of this experience has gone down the drain and they're not continuing on with the diligent approach to the tech.

@Plukje65 i've got the same error message.. tried al the usual fixes but none of them worked.

have you found the fix for this
its still showing the same error for me
same here, any luck anyone?

Since many users are facing this problem, I would recommend open start and search for Feedback Hub app on the device which you have the problem and report this issue , this way Windows team would be able to investigate and resolve it.