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error 0x0000007c.

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Dear Team,


when connect to the network sharing printer the display error message 0x0000007c(Windows cannot connect the printer.)

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This error has been the bane of my life for a couple of weeks now. I read somewhere that their might be a fix in December (I won't hold my breath).

There appears to be no fix at the moment. I do have a registry hack that worked for me on some computers but not others. Removing the up KB5006670 will allow you to install printers again but you will have to pause updates until there is a fix.

Unfotunatley I have found that some of our computers will not allow me to uninstall KB5006670, it is listed as an installed update but when I go to uninstall it it is not listed in the available updates to uninstall.

You can install printers using their IP address and ths works fine, but not really in my case as it means installing an indivdual printer, bypassing our virtual release queue, but it has meant I can get some people printing again.
Still having this same issue after December updates. Not on all printers: for us, an HP CP5525 installs fine and works fine, but a Konica Minolta color laser will not. As you described, it installs fine if doing it directly via IP address, but when installing from the print server via AD or even navigating directly to the computer, right-click on printer and select Connect, it fails. Through Settings, the error is:

*There's more to do*
Before you can add this printer, you need to install a driver for it. Find the driver on the web or use the disc that came with the printer, and then try again.

There's a "Continue," option, but that just flips the install status to "Failed." Note that error occurs, even if the printer is already installed and working when installed directly via IP address, meaning that the driver is clearly already available to Windows (and yes, confirmed this is the same exact driver version that the print server would provide).

If I try to install it AD or Explorer, I originally get a "Do you trust this printer?" message telling me "Windows needs to download and install a software driver" from the server, requiring admin approval. After clearing the UAC prompt, I get the 0x0000007c error with text:

*Connect to Printer*
Windows cannot connect to the printer.