Enable different lock and sign-in screens in Windows 10 1709?

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One of our environments is currently running Windows 10 1607 and has a specific picture set as the lock screen, but also has the HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System\DisableLogonBackgroundImage registry key set to 1 to use a solid color when signing in as the picture in the background makes the username and password boxes difficult to see when signing in.  This has worked well in 1607, but in 1709, having that registry key set to 1 seems to disable the ability to set a background on the lock screen as well.  I'm just wondering if this was an intentional change or if it may have been an unintentional one?  I've found that others are experiencing the same behavior as well.  


See this TechNet link for others with the same issue.  


Has anyone found a fix for this or know of plans from Microsoft to fix this?  Does it work in 1803 to anyone's knowledge?  


Thank you!  




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