Edge will not start

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I'm on Windows 10 pro 64. 22H2

Today on starting, Edge asked for my MS acount to continue (never did that before); when I basically chose not right now, it crashed and refuses to start.

When I click on the icon nothing happens; there is no app or processes
on background, no error message nothing. I've tried repairing it, uninstall, delete the files on the prgram files\microsoft folder and then reinstaling. Also deleted folders in the user\appdata folder. Nothing works, clicking the icon to start simply does nothing, no processes show in the task manager

Also found that, if I switch users on the PC, Edge works. It's only on
my user that it won't start.

Anyone ever seen this?

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It's possible that your user profile has become corrupted, causing issues with Edge. Try creating a new user account and see if Edge works normally on that account.