Dual screen support for windows-universal-samples/tree/main/Samples/Simple3DGameXaml

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Hope you guys safe and healthy.

So, I'm new in UWP and interested to create a game. I found the example that might be suit for my need: https://github.com/microsoft/windows-universal-samples/tree/main/Samples/Simple3DGameXaml 

But I'm thinking to create game that support "dual screen" (or "dual monitor"?), 1 screen for gameplay, 1 for map or other information.


Do you have the example for it? (preferred based on Simple3DGameXaml if possible)
I already take a look at AppWindow and Projection example, but I'm kinda confuse how to achieve that if it a game (that using direct3d / directx?).


Thanks in advance and have a good day.

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