Dual boot Windows 10 with Ubuntu 16.04

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I am trying to dual my desktop that came pre installed with Windows 10. When I boot using the USB option through UEFI/BIOS, Ubuntu 16.04 Live does not recognize the unallocated partition I created using Windows Disk Management tool. I have researched online and there is no clear answer on how to deal with SSD for dual boot option. And I cannot work with VMware/LiLi because I won't be able to access my graphics card through a virtual machine. I need the dual boot to work for Deep Learning applications. 


Can you suggest solutions that I can try?



PC specifications:

Windows 10

Intel Core i7 - 7700 CPU 3.60 GHz

16 Gb RAM

250 Gb SSD

1Tb HD

NVDIA Graphics card 8 Gb



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