driver function is abnormal after signing

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The driver developed by itself is abnormal after the signature of the Microsoft certificate.

The operating system is win10 LSTC2019


(1) The driver function is normal before signing. After the signature (right -click installation on*.inf), the device is initialized normally but the device function is abnormal.

View the driver version number, date, signature and other information in the device manager

(2) Select the device in the device manager, browse the path where the driver is located for installation, and the equipment function is normal.

(3) After the signature is signature, the driver is abnormal, modify the INF file, add a letter at any of the annotation bank to make the driver fail to fail, and re-install (right-click on the INF file-> installation) to work normally.

The device is PCIE device. Trouble engineers help analyze some problems where this might be and how to investigate.

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