DPI Scaling Issue on Multi Monitor Setup with different resolution screens

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Hello There,


Firstly, a bit of setup info:

Build 16251.rs3_release.170721-2122 - Win10 x64 Pro

3 monitors:

left - 1920x1080 - (DVItoDP) - 100% scaling

Middle - 3840x2160 - (mDPtoDP) - 150% scaling

Right - 1920x1080 - (DVI-DVI) - 100% Scaling

GTX980, i7 4790 16gb RAM


The Issue:

Even though the 2 1920x1080 monitors are set to 100% scaling, the screens themselves appear fuzzy as if they are scaled and applications I know to have a fixed resolution of 1920x1080 only cover approximateluy a quarter of the screen - almost like the 1080p monitor has been upscaled to match the 4K (this isnt the case acording to the display settings, it just LOOKS like that)


Interestingly, If I set the scaling of the large middle monitor to 100%, the issue on the 2 side monitors if fixed but then I have incredibly small icons on the 4k monitor.


Any help with this would be much appreciated.





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Do you still have this issue on build 16273?


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