Does not print dos base fox program on HP laser jet 1320

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my computer specification is window 10,  32bit & processor 64 bit , 8 GB ram , my dos base foxpro program print very well on dot matrix LQ - 570  and has no issue.

I bought HP laser jet 1320 and I cannot print dos base fox program on HP printer.

can anyone guide me to should I  download any patch or require some setting in my computer ?

Your guidance will be highly appreciated.



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I'm not sure what "dos base fox" is but have you installed the printer drivers?
you can try checking for driver updates on Windows update or go to HP website and download them from there.

which version of Windows 10 are you using?
Thanks for your initiative.
It fox pro dos base program, and only works on dot matrix printer.
I want this program should also print on hp laser jet printer.
As I feel I become handicapped, when dot matrix printer faces any issue.
Could you please provide link to the software you are using? (fox pro dos base program)

Your FoxPro program is DOS based: On its own it can only print to a parallel (LPT) or serial (COM) port. It sends ASCII data streams to a printer. The data streams contain so called escape control sequences to instruct for instance the printer to print in bold. Those sequences differ from the LQ570 (ESC/P) and HP 1320 (PCL), the LQ570 doesn’t understand PCL, HP 1320 no ESC/P.

You would have to connect the printer to the parallel port, and eventually change the ESC/P codes used by your program to PCL. Windows printer drivers are unrelated, those don’t support ASCII data streams at all.


To print to a Windows installed printer - so use a Windows printer driver - you would need a DOS-to-Windows print processor like DOSPRN ( Such a program will capture the ASCII data streams sent to a printer port (LPT or COM), convert it to input for a Windows printer driver, and send it to that printer.


This of course only works for Windows 32 bit. Windows 64 bit won’t even run DOS programs, then you would have use a virtual Windows 32 bit machine, or a DOS emulator that supports printing like vDos (

Thanks for the info, I hope the OP use it to fix his problem :)