Does anyone know anything about these programs?

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I'm currently going through the windows documentation, which includes the AI, android and mixed reality. So obviously, I'm downloading a bunch of software on my computer as per tutorials and documentation.


But I recently saw these two applications on my desktop, which haven't been mentioned in the documentations, or I haven't read the relevancy of these apps with Microsoft. The two applications are:

"EpicGamesLauncher.exe" or "CocosCreator.exe"


From a brief search on, since I have not used them.  The first looks like very similar arcade apps and thee second application, look to be just some similar developer tool. Which, I'm okay with using Blender, right now.


Are these applications directly affiliated or sponsored by Microsoft or Linux? Because on my very insecure computer, which is located in a very insecure studio that has camera recordings for only 3 minutes (when I know the device can record for more than half an hour with enough storage), these two applications were recently installed.


Or am I that lucky to have been spammed with these applications?


Thank you in advance to any replies. :stareyes:


Before any users are kind to point out that I should set up a firewall, and block any unwanted applications or connections. I'm a unique case, where I believe I set my camera to record while I am away (and I know this camera records for more than 20minutes), but only shows 3 minutes of footage. And I am not currently, working on anything commercial and now, I am used to my computer processing commands that aren't mine. So I don't really see the point for network security, especially when it's time consuming. I suppose anyone, who can hack and can view other remote connections, would eventually wonder why they really need to waste their time on my computer.

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Epic game launcher is a game store and client, like Steam.
Coco thing:

used Bing easily to find out about them.

(although I personally had experience with Epic game program)

they are different companies than Microsoft, Microsoft don't sponsor them and neither do Linux.

you can make sure your Windows is up to date and then perform a full computer scan using Windows Security (Defender).

Windows Security also has options for "Potential Unwanted App" and "Potential Unwanted download" blocking, which works best with the new Microsoft Edge browser.

if you want to test programs, i suggest using Windows Sandbox, that way your main system will be unaffected:



Thanks HotCakeX.  I just wanted to double check, since I am jumping from different documentations, learning about new programs and downloading various programs.  I hope you have a good week.

Sure, no problem, have a good one!