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I set the display settings to never go to sleep because it was closing on me all the time. So, a friend told me to go to Microsoft settings, and in the section Startup boost list all the programs that I didn't want to close while I was using them. So I did and after I listed all the programs I use. I had this feeling that I did not solve my problem.  Does anyone understand my problem, and what I did? Should I take the websites I listed out of startup booster. I am so novice with all this I listen to suggestions from people that seem to know what they are talking about but I just want to verify. Did I solve the problem of my screen going to sleep every 5 minutes.? I can not find any other settings for the display. Sorry if this seems silly but I am in dire need of help from someone that knows.

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if you're talking about Windows 10, you can go to Windows settings (the gear icon), just type settings in Windows search go press start button and from the left side click on the gear icon representing settings, then navigate to System => Power & Sleep and in there you have the option to choose the screen timeout and set it to never.