dism keeps running out of space in windows pe

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i.  I am trying to copy my windows partition using dism /capture-image from the pe environment using windows 20h2 enterprise.  Now it works and about half way through it says access denied and if you look in the log it actually runs out of space somewhere.  Putting /scratchdir on a 1 tb drive does not help, so what can I do?  Should I use a better tool to copy the partition (not copy the disk)?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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When you boot from Windows PE disk, by default it gives the X: drive letter (read-only drive), please make sure that you are not saving your partition image to X: drive.

Dism /Capture-Image /ImageFile:e:\image.wim /CaptureDir:d:\ /Name:Image_Name
Yep, I did make sure of that, I even made the current directory a big drive and used /scratchdir:<large drive>, but still no joy.