Desktop Window Manager overwhelms AMD APU, can I swap it to Nvidia?

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So, I have a 4K TV and an ASUS TUF Gaming A15 laptop, when I plug the HDMI into my laptop to connect it to my TV so I can play some controller-based games on the couch, I see that Desktop Window Manager seems to absolutely destroy my FPS. My Nvidia GPU will be at 30% (GPU the game uses.) While my AMD iGPU will be at 60% or even higher... All just from Desktop Window Manager. Is there a way to make it not eat away at the FPS so much, or... Maybe even swap Desktop Window Manager to use the Nvidia GPU entirely? Asus support was no help.


CPU: Ryzen 5 5600H (With Radeon Graphics)
GPU: 3050Ti

RAM: 16Gb with another 16Gb Swapfile.

I already tried going to Graphics Settings and setting both the game and Desktop Window Manager to the High Performance (Nvidia) GPU, but DWM keeps using GPU-1 (AMD iGPU), even after a reboot. Please help!

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