Defering Windows 10 updates - where are the settings?

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What happened to setting to defer update? I have Win10 Pro on my PC, and since the beginning I had it set up to install security updates immediately and defer features update 1 year (max allowed). Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I have feature update from May 2021 which I didn't want.


I went to check if I maybe didn't change the settings by accident, and they are gone. The only option I have in "advanced options" is to pause updates for up to 35 days. The previous settings are gone. Is it some new dumb update policy of microsoft or are they moved to some new not obvious at all place?


Version I have is 21H1 build 19043.1110


EDIT: I've found an option to defer it via gpedit or regedit, but it still not what I would like. I want gui options back. 





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this is how the security and up-to-date environment for Windows10 Pro endpoints has been changed

19043.1151 - 21H1
is with me and I have the same thing!

Wow, I've seen some stupid stuff done by MS, but this is serious contender for the most idiotic change they've introduced.

I've found out now that it was removed in may 2020 update. Which means that my PC downloaded may 2020 update year later, as it was supposed to, and may 2021 update immediately after, because there was no info displayed that my deferring settings are gone.

Wonder what settings MS will change without my knowledge on my PC next time...

Thanks for your reply anyway.

@Desf_ I understand
But really to ensure proper operation in a common Microsoft environment it was necessary!
your settings are correct - they provided the latest available version of Windows - no problem!
This confirms the practical knowledge of the administrator.
Good luck Andrew