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I have noticed an issue regarding the Pale Moon web browser, installed into Windows. On Settings, Default Apps, Change Default by App, on the user that Pale Moon browser was installed from. The program is listed there three times, not just once. Indeed,. it seems I can change file associations properly when I enter each one of Pale Moon entries in the section, regardless. I have noticed the issue both on the Windows 10 PC at work, and on the machine I test Windows vNext LTSC. I have reported the issue to the developers of Pale Moon, and the main developer told me to report it to Microsoft, in the Windows Insider program. I prefer to use Pale Moon as the main browser. Note that Pale Moon is browser that is derived from Firefox, but it is forked from Firefox a few years back, meaning that it does not share the engine with Firefox (like Waterfox, Iceweseal, SeaMonkey etc),  but the developers are in touch with the main Mozilla developers, in order to patch any security vulnerabilities found in Firefox that are enherited by Pale Moon. I have used the standard 64 bit installer from Pale Moon on each case. Pale Moon no long has a build-in pdf viewer, but I use the one from Edge to open pdf files offline.

The main page for Pale Moon is here


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@Radu Ilie 


you can send a feedback about seeing pale moon 3 times in default app settings, in the feedback hub app.



The Feedback Hub app is absent on Windows Server vNext Desktop Experience. No way I can send feedback that way. Any other suggestion?

This is how they are suggesting to send feedback for Windows server

There is also Windows server insider community:

if you want you can use the report button to ask moderator to move your post to that community, it'd be more suitable there.


I remember I have posted there initialy, but the post was moved to the Windows 10 section of the insider boards. The issue is already raported then, by the initial post.