Cumulative update KB5003214 fails to install

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Hello Good afternoon Everybody ! Well unexpectedly ONCE AGAIN Windows cumulative update windows 10 version 21H1 build 19043.1023 failing to install after multiple attempts. This means this is the 4th update in last 3 months that causing severe headaches to Microsoft Users. Just 2 Weeks ago I moved front 20H2 to 21H1 and it went successful but then again the problem starting coming out of nowhere. Shout loud if you have been facing the same issue as I have been facing for quite sometimes now. Cheer Pals


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I have the same issue on 2 computers, it tries to install but then it tells me it failed.

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Yes Andrew a week later we got public release ! I have never used insider pre-released build. I do it always when they make roll it down to everyone :)



Your answer does not explain anything!

In your profile you have not liked any comment in MTC it is strange to me!

In your post you wrote that many times you could not install KB5003214 it was written 27,05,2021. then the dates do not match!

The release for insiders was 21,05,2021 it all ceases to be reliable!

I am facing exactly what you are facing ! It is painful when the Installation fails last moment when it reaches to 100% and things going back and all it starts UNDOING CHANGES
1st of all I try to like every comment but I don't know how to do it. I have tried clicking on comments but it is taking me nowhere. 2nd Your article says something different. I have got public release on 27 May , 2021! And so I did downloaded and tried to Install it.



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Hi all, i got same issue, i got 2 pcs, one all fine, update is ok....and the other Fails everytime i tried, no sense.



With 2 computers, you can compare their configuration and use it as a solution in the latter that has an error!

The main thing to understand that the cause of the error is not to update only the incorrect configuration of the computer and environment to install the new version! 

@Jauhar  I had similar identical problems. I was unable to install 20H2 update. Then I installed directly 21H1 update without much difficulty.  I tried to install optional cumulative update KB 5003214, twice without success. I tried third time and got installed without any problem. Rechecked and found it has been installed.



System Diagnostics checks the environment for updates and it is normal that there are failures, but the system works well and you do not have to be upset that with me there is no latest update - all at the same time can not download and install it!

So there's error information and that's it!  

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@Jauhar I have tried to upgrade Windows 10 using the media creation tool and it fix the same problem that you have mentioned. I have the same problem before installing KB5001330 and a lot of Cumulative Updates. Just select Upgrade This PC and make sure to select Keep Files and Apps to make sure that you still have the apps/files that you have before upgrading. For me, it takes about 1 hour from the Media Creation Tool up to a couple of restarts. But it depends on your internet speed. And now I can install all updates. Also tried SFC and DISM Scans but did not fix my problem.  Upgrading your PC will replace your Windows Files, but not affects Files, Apps, and Drivers. After that, there will be some updates in the Windows Updates after the upgrade.



Delete the ESD Folder in the C:/ directory

Settings/System/Storage/Temporary Files then scan our Temporary Files and delete the Previous Installation of Windows. (Deletes the Windows.old folder)


*Doing Optional things will make your drive space bigger as it deletes the files used in the upgrade, but its files will be needed if you have problems, to go back to the previous install/state.



Also, I tried it with my another PC, with an AMD A8 CPU that takes about 1 and a half hour for the upgrade process and it also fix the problem. Hope that works.


Thank you for your comment!

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I have no problem with updates so such a description of the steps you described is correct and worthy


Good luck!

@Adrien1920 Well 1st of all 1 million like for your help. I have followed Windows upgrade via Media Creation tool but without ISO file. After that downloaded and Installed KB5003214 and it went super successful dear. Your comment has solved my long time problem solved. GREAT DEAR AND STAY BLESSED

@A1 @Deleted Thanks to you too for being there Thumbs up and Cheers Pal :) ,

19043.1023 is my very latest build :) Thanks dear and all the participants :)


Perfect - we also thank you very much!

Before us the new Windows I hope that everything will be fine!Zrzut ekranu 2021-06-06 222417.png

Now I can't wait to get Windows 11. I hope we get it by the end of June. Keep working to know what new is in Windows Sun Vally major update !



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After multiple failures to install KB5003215 via update, I tried the Media Creation Tool 21H1. It took about an hour but completed an upgrade install of 21H1 (including KB5003214) without problems. Thanks.



Thank you for confirming that the solution works!

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Managed to download update KB5003637 only to find it only installation stuck at 20% and failed. Same failure with KB5003173.