Critical Process Dead error after Win10 Pro restore

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Hi everybody,

I have a big issue. I have a company notebook with windows 10 Pro and I had to do a restore of the system and to cancel all the data.

I launched the restore, but after that during the installation/configuration of the system I received the critical process dead error.

I tried a lot of things, like to disinstall the last update, restore again the system, etc, but I receive always this kind of error.

I'm completely blocked. It seems the system is not installed now, but I can't restore the system.

I's very boring! :(

Can you help me please?


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I think at this point the best option is for you to take your notebook to the system administrator of your company, they will be able to salvage any data that is otherwise inaccessible to you so you won't lose them.

but if you don't care about losing the data (for example if the company data you work with are all stored in cloud) and you are only looking for a way to use your notebook again, you can grab a fresh Windows 10 ISO file from here

make a bootable USB disk with at least 8GB storage with that ISO file and then clean install your Windows 10.

p.s to make a bootable USB disk with that Windows 10 ISO file, you can use Rufus
it's the best and I use it every time myself, free.