Crashed Win 10. Recovery options.

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A windows update crashed 10.  I corrupted the BIOS.  None of the Win. 10 recovery systems worked.

I placed the crashed drive into an enclosure and connected it to a Windows 7 computer.  A program recovered some of the files and directories but not the data files. 


Can I install windows 7 on the drive and put it as a working C: boot drive into the computer that was running windows 10? 

What is the best action to get the Windows 10 computer running, even at the cost of losing data on the original C: Drive?  The C: drive is a SSD.  

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You can install Windows 7 or 10 and then do a SysPrep in it then shut it down. after that unplug your hard disk or SDD and plug in into another computer.

also how did your BIOS get corrupted?

what are the rest of your hardware specs?