Copilot eligibility keeps turning off

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This is a fully compliant 3155 Pro installation, but the BingChat key value IsUserEligible turns to 0 (zero) every time I reboot, and in order to get the taskbar icon option back (and thus Copilot available) in taskbar settings, I have to use a .reg file I made by exporting that key.


It works, but it's a kludge. I'd like to keep the danged key from changing that value every time I shut down or reboot. I'm sure Copilot will write me a batch file to accomplish that end, and tell me to put that in User\ ... \Programs\Startup, but that's a kludge, too.


What can I do in gpedit or in settings or in the registry to make that 1 value data for IsUserEligible STAY, and not revert to zero? Extra credit for telling me why the danged thing won't stay the way it should be.


PS: When I get it, the icon is in the tray on the far right, not in the older next-to-Start position.

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