Computers wont update automatically

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Month ago I find that all the computers wont update automatically for some updates.

We have WSUS with update policy to download and install immediately.

When I look on update windows on the computer I saw that it ask me to download the update.

The massage that I have under the download bottom is "we'll ask you to download updates, except when update are required to keep windows running smoothly, in that case, we'll automatically download those updates"

I what to download and install all update that I approve in the WSUS.

any idea why it doesn't work? (it use to work fine month ago and I didn't change any in the policy)



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Reasons Why Is My Windows Update Not Working-
Insufficient hard disk: Space is the most straightforward but often overlooked. Many times, especially on laptops, users will fill 80-90% of their primary hard drives. Insufficient space will prevent the full update from downloading or installing.
Corrupted system: Files can become corrupted for many reasons—bad sectors on hard drivers, viruses, system errors, RAM issues, and more. If any of the files related to patching and applying updates are gone, it will prevent the newest update from installing.
Wrongly configured update settings: Windows allow users full access to adjusting when and how an update happens. If a setting blocks access to Windows updates, it will simply not work correctly when trying to apply a new update.
Outdated drivers: Driver issues are often rooted in half of the computer-related problems. If your drivers are not updated, this can cause system incompatibility and instability when installing a new Windows update.
Antivirus blocking access to the internet: Some antivirus software can automatically block updates from the internet, even if their source of origin is your very own operating system.
Your windows date and time are not synchronized: Windows takes important data input based on the date you have set. Having the wrong date set can make Windows think you don’t need an update or that it’s not the right time to install it.

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