Computers in the office started loading windows for 10-20 minutes

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Hi Everyone !


I looked over the forum but found nothing that could help me so here's the case:


Since two weeks all computers (laptops, i5, 8GB ram, SSD) started to load windows for 10 to 20 minutes after a full shutdown (no problems with going to sleep).


Every day after people come to work they have to wait for the computers after turning on. All computers are connected to company Active Directory.


After you type in the password computers freeze for minimum 5 minutes (windows 7) and 10-20 min (W10).


If you turn off the computer by force and turn it on sometimes it helps and it loads like usual - but more often than not it doesn't change a thing :(


Any ideas ? If it was 1-2 computer I wold reinstall OS but it's over 10 computers ...


Any help very appreciated !

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Do you have a lot of group policies? Or were any changed around the time the problem started?

If I remember correctly the policies load in at around logon and that could be causing the delay. But it's been a while since I handled them myself so I don't think I can be of much help.


Is the time the same if you boot without the network connected and logon with cached credentials?  That will rule out GPO or networking /DNS issues.


@PaulaSillars , @Erik Waterhouse - thanks for the insight.


We don't have many GPO's but I will investigate, I will also check windows logs which might put some light on it...

@PaulaSillars - I will try that - for the last days everything was OK - I tried to analyse logs and found indeed that there was information about GPclient taking too long to process the rules (though there are just a few). 


I have run into this problem with a group policy that handles folder redirection. If the sync relationship broke, then it wants to sync all of the files again which will cause a delay on login. I have a few users with an extreme amount of data even take up to an hour. We run a majority of desktops, so it doesn't happen very often at all. I would imagine it would happen more often with laptops. Especially if those laptops are taken off-site. May also be those laptops just trying to re-establish a trust relationship. Like many others have stated, I would check your group policies. Maybe run the group policy PowerShell command to see if they are applying correctly or if they are getting errors.

@Wojciech_Bogacz Try moving one PC into an OU without any policy being applied and see if the speed improves.  Then if it does, apply each GPO in turn to see which is the one causing the issue.


Also check the DNS configuration on the clients and server(s).