Clean up excess temp files

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Two issues : 1. How does Windows 'clean up ' excess temp files. Previously was using Ccleaner for this (until it had security issues). 2. If I edit something in a folder that an app uses what are the ways to get the file index to sync properly ? EX: In Groove purchases I an artist may have albums under their Name and Group Name and I may decide to put them together under one folder instead of two in Groove. This can happen in other apps as well.

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have you looked at Settings app -> System -> Storage -Storage Sense ?

Yes, it is on.
Also have periodically run SFC / scannow or Chkdsk .

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Thanks for your reply. Windows has a scheduled task that will running low on free disk space. This will clean up the temp files like previous Feature Upgrade "leftovers".  Groove looks at the ID tags of the audio file, depending on how that metadata is stored, Groove will combine all audio files into one album or into several single audio files. I hope that answers your question(s), if not please elaborate and we will try again :)


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