cant take printscreen shots

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Hi Guys


I can take a normal P/S shot, but when I boot up and see the lovely pics of scenery, I was advised to use windows key + P/S key. Then told to do start/pictures/screenshots, but nothing there ?

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Lock Screen:

You can take the image of lock screen by just pressing start+L > press only PrintScreen button > login> screenshot will be saved in the clipboard and you can paste it in Paint or Paint 3D. 

Login Screen:

if you want to take a screenshot of login screen i.e. when the computer starts, then you would have to do some tweaks in the registry editor and use another method which is given in the link below: 


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There is an app that says:

a simple app that will take the current Spotlight Lock Screen image and set it to your desktop wallpaper.


How to save Windows 10’s lock screen Spotlight images